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Dealing with real estate data disasters

Realtor Notebook

One of the biggest challenges of being an independent contractor and having my main office in my home is technology. It isn't that I don't have enough technology -- it's that I have to support it all or find someone else who can. There is such a thing as technical support with most hardware, but if you have ever tried using it the support typically involves repeating 20-digit serial numbers -- located on tags that are placed upside down on the bottom of the device with the serial number in a two-point font -- and repeatedly spelling your full name, slowly and loudly. It amazes me how many questions I have to answer over and over that have nothing to do with the device or the malfunction until I can get a non-answer to the problem from someone who is working in a distant land. Warranties on computers are wonderful, but there is a 99.5 percent chance that if the hardware fails the machine will have to be sent far away and will not return for weeks. Those hardware warranties a...