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Sunk Cost

Wheel Estate Cam: Episode 14

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Episode 14: Broker Frank LLosa says it's good business to know when to let go of clients who are draining your time, energy and money.Even if you've already made an investment in assisting a client, he said it's important to weigh whether a problematic client will cost you more than it's worth in the long run."Are you able to emotionally detach yourself and make a business decision that's going to be more profitable by knowing when to cut bait?" he asks.Watch past episodes of the Wheel Estate Cam.Frank Borges LLosa is the broker, founder and owner of, a real estate brokerage in Falls Church, Va. He is the creator of the Trust Me I'm a Realtor blog and multiple listing service wiki site You can follow him on Twitter: @franklyrealty. *** What's your opinion? Leave your comments below or send a letter to the editor.  ...