Taking type beyond Arial and Times

Real estate tech review: TypeKit

This week I’m going to take a short break from my usual marketing technology, Web strategy or underlying-concepts columns. Instead, I’m going to write about a technology that can help you with your branding and differentiation — something that works more on all that look-and-feel goodness that I don’t talk about much as I dive into Web analytics and human behavior and all that data-driven stuff.

This is a column about … wait for it … Web typography. Yeah. "Fonts" and stuff like that. As always, if you’re scratching your head and in a great big rush, just skip to the end for a bullet list.

A rarely mentioned fact is that I was once an apprentice letterpress type designer and typographer for one of the few remaining punch-cutters — a guy who designed type by carving metal with a jeweler’s file. Learn something new everyday, right?