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3 tech tools help build connection, trust

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For all the talk about social media and technology, the bottom line is that these tools provide you an opportunity to get you face-to-face with a potential client. Rather than fleeing from technology, embracing it opens up a whole realm of opportunities for new business. Ten years ago I was training agents to engage in "circle prospecting." When you obtained a new listing, you would send out postcards to at least 100 homes in the surrounding areas.If you were holding an open house, you'd take Saturday morning to knock on the doors of 20 neighbors to personally invite them to attend. You could also pick up the phone and cold-call people to ask if they knew of anyone interested in buying or selling a home. For every 100 personal contacts, you might find two or three who were interested in buying or selling a home in the next 90 days. For the other 98 percent, your phone call or door-knock was probably an unwelcome intrusion -- and the postcard you sent went in the ...