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Telemarketing hang-ups

Realtor Notebook

Last week I wrote about a simple real estate business strategy: answering the phone. I promise that this article will not repeat the phrase "answer the phone" over and over, even though it is probably worthy of repetition. My article was the truth; I do answer the phone, but I understand why others do not. Some of our readers decided to put me to the test and give it a try by calling. One called while I was on the phone and laughed because I didn't pick up. I returned his call a half hour later. The caller wanted to sell me something. He started his sales pitch with reference to my article, so I felt that I had to talk to him or at least listen. My husband happened to be in my office and overheard my half of the conversation. He pointed out several instances where I could have used my words to verbally annihilate the caller, as is my habit with such calls, but he could tell I was holding back. I can be horrible to callers if they are skilled enough to keep me on ...