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The future is flat-fee

Perspective: Tech-savvy Gen Yers will rule in 2020

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Editor's note: The following is a guest essay. Inman News is exploring what the next decade may hold for real estate professionals in "2020 Re-Envision: The Future of Real Estate Brokerage," an editorial project that peers into the future of the residential real estate brokerage industry.By ANDY SALOWhat will real estate be like in 2020? The simple answer: Nothing like it is today. Over the next 10 years, I believe most real estate agents are going to have to radically change the way they do business. Specifically, listing agents will likely disappear. They will be a convenience for the elite, not a requirement for the average homeowner. Buyer's agents will still be needed, but in a different business model. Generation Y will make all of this happen. By 2020, Generation Y, also known as Millennials, will be all grown up. Gen Yers will likely turn from the somewhat self-indulgent, please-give-me-praise generation to the generation that is more responsible, adult-l...