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Protect privacy on social media

6 tips for keeping personal, client data safe

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Would you give away your best client's personal contact information to a spammer or identity thief? If you are not actively protecting your client and personal contact lists on social media sites, you may be doing exactly that. A couple of days ago, I used Facebook to ask a friend to give me a call. I included my office phone number. Later in the day, I received a note from another Facebook friend who must have seen the note on my Facebook Wall. My friend warned me: "Don't ever post your phone number on your wall. You'll get inundated with marketing calls." I can certainly understand not posting your personal phone number on your public feed on Twitter, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of followers. On the other hand, my profile page shouldn't be an issue. After all, don't I control who sees what on those pages? Here's the problem: When I send a message to someone else on any of the social media sites and include private information such as my direct ...