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Adapting to Gen X, Y clients

Today's agents must drop the 'expert' approach

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The "expert" model of real estate is dying a slow death. Today's Gen X and Gen Y clients have no use for experts or gurus. Instead, the next generation of clients wants to do it their own way. I was recently speaking with a trainer who is very passionate about helping agents do a better job of generating leads from social media. This is what he said: "Once you meet someone on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the main goal is to get them from being online to being face-to-face."The first thing agents must do is get valid contact information so they can put the person in an e-mail drip campaign. Next, agents have got to stop being lazy. Once the agents get a valid phone number, they need to pick up the phone and call that lead." "What? Pick up the phone and call?" "E-mail them?" Gen X and Gen Y believe that e-mail is for "old people." Furthermore, they don't talk on the phone. In fact, the comments below are pretty typical:...