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5 must-haves for the virtual real estate agent

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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More and more agents are working from home and virtual office spaces. Brokerages across the country are re-evaluating their leases and lavish "palaces" because the office is always half-empty. Why? With all the resources available to agents online, the need to come into a brick and mortar office day in and day out is not as important as it used to be. Working virtually is not for everyone. You need discipline and a few great products to make your life easier! Here are the top five products I recommend for working virtually: 1. Smartphone. In this day and age, I think ALL agents (not just the virtual ones) need a smartphone. My favorite is, of course, the iPhone, but there are other outstanding phones such as the BlackBerry, Droid, and the Nexus One. Try each one, ask your colleagues, and find one that works best for your needs. 2. Laptop. If you are working virtually you need a light and fast laptop that you can grab and go! MacBook Pro is an excellent choice as well a...