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7 tips to boost business by blogging

Generate leads without a pay-per-click campaign

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Every year Realtors spend millions of dollars on print advertising, search-engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, toll-free call capture, and a host of tools in the hope of attracting clients who will work with them. There is another alternative that doesn't take much of a shift from what you are already doing. 1. The tables have turned The old sales model was "hunt 'em, tell 'em, and sell 'em." You know the drill. You have to go out and prospect for leads, then tell them how great you and your company are, and then close them on using your services, usually with some sort of manipulation. Today, clients have turned the tables on us and now they're the ones doing the hunting. They have absolutely no interest in being told what to do or being manipulated. Gen X and Gen Y (those born after 1964) actively search for information online before making any decisions. In fact, many will "stalk" an agent on their blog or on the social media for 12-18 months...