Sorting out mortgage matters after divorce

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DEAR BENNY: I am recently divorced. In our divorce decree, it states that I give my ex-husband the house. He is currently living there. He was to have my name removed from the mortgage and get a new loan in his name alone.

Just recently, I found out through my attorney that the mortgage holder refuses to remove me from that loan. However, when I call to inquire about the mortgage, I am told that my name is not on the mortgage. Please help. My name is on the deed and I cannot remove my name from the deed until I show proof that I am no longer on the mortgage. I cannot get another mortgage until I get my name off of that house. What am I to do? --Hoop

DEAR HOOP: You are in the classical "Catch-22." Your attorney should be able to quickly determine if you are on the mortgage document (typically called a deed of trust in most states). She can do a title search to get a copy of the existing mortgage document that was recorded among the land records ...