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5 easy steps to turn online traffic into sales

Tech expert recommends analytics, good website design

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Steps: 1. Know who comes and why 2. Greet them with a smile 3. Give them what they want 4. Make it easy for them 5. Follow throughBusiness works essentially the same way on online as it does in the "real" world -- converting your existing customers into sales brings you more bang for your buck than trying to generate new customers. That's according to Daniel Rothamel, who led Wednesday's Inman News webinar -- "Internet Marketing for Brokers: Converting Online Traffic Into Sales." Rothamel is a real estate agent and author of the Real Estate Zebra blog. Whether online or offline, he said, spending money on advertising runs the risk of potential customers simply filtering out your message as one of the other thousands of ads they are bombarded with every day.On the other hand, there are already people coming into your "store" (i.e. your site) that you can turn into actual sales. "It costs far less to retain current cust...