Find bargains at real estate tax lien auctions

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My home county, Maricopa, in central Arizona, could boast one ignominious record already this year: its property tax lien auction was the biggest ever. Maricopa is not alone. All across America, counties are working through record levels of property tax auctions due to persistently high levels of foreclosures. To savvy investors, this is an amazing opportunity to participate in one of the most low-risk investments in the property sector. That is also why the competition is brutal -- especially from institutional investors such as banks that purchase millions of dollars' worth of tax liens in one vast swoop of their investment arms. In the United States, all property is taxed. It doesn't matter if it is a house, condo, commercial building or raw land; it is all taxed because the counties use this income to pay for government, courts, schools, and police and fire departments. If the property owner for one reason or another doesn't pay those taxes, the county, which still n...