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Arming agents, buyers with real estate investment analyses

SmartZip rolls out customizable reports

See related article: Real estate startups hawk their wares In a shaky housing market, real estate agents often deal with clients who are ambivalent about buying a home they don't know will at least hold its value. For those real estate professionals, investment analytics company SmartZip recently launched a new service aimed at agents who want to help their clients understand some of the financial implications of owning a particular home and more confidence in whether it is a good investment. SmartZip Pro creates customizable Home Investment Reports that agents can brand and provide to clients for whatever price they choose. The reports can be useful sales and marketing tools, "especially in this uncertain, fear-driven market," said Avi Gupta, SmartZip's vice president of marketing and business development.The company received a round of funding for an undisclosed amount from Intel Capital this week. SmartZip's reports look beyond the usual ...