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Time is money: What’s it worth to you?

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Episode 23: In this episode of The Wheel Estate Cam, real estate broker Frank LLosa recommends that you put a price on your time -- so you don't waste it. He questions whether it's really worth an hour or even 30 minutes of your time to save $5 on a product, for example."So many times (agents) will be frugal with their money but not frugal with their time," he says."What is my time worth? Twenty-five dollars an hour? One hundred dollars an hour? I will give you X dollars to drive (somewhere) ... at what price point would you say it's not worth my time?"He says it may save lots of time to mail a real estate document with overnight delivery, as an example, even if it costs more money. Being more efficient with your time can provide you with more time to relax, "instead of running around ragged," which isn't good for the real estate professional or the customer, he says.Comment below to share your thoughts. Watch past episodes of the Wheel Estate Cam.Fran...