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3 fatal flaws of real estate negotiation

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In today's tough market, powerful negotiation skills are more important than ever. Are you undermining your negotiation success with scripts and strategies that contain a fatal flaw? Agents have a wealth of places both online and offline to find strategies that work. Agent blogging sites are rich with great suggestions, many of which are from the best agents in the business. Nevertheless, many of these strategies still use manipulation or one-upmanship. The result is that these old approaches often undermine the agent's success. Here are three examples that illustrate "fatal flaws" that can undermine your negotiation success: Objection #1: Our house is worth more -- we have all these great upgrades! Agent: "I've been in the business for 20 years and I can tell you right now, your purple plush carpet and your red-flocked wallpaper don't add any extra value to the price. In my opinion, the best thing you could do is to strip the wallpaper, paint the walls b...