5 products for a safer bathroom

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You may not want to face it, but we all know you're not getting any younger. And study after study shows that as you reach the golden years, you'd really like to live in your current home as long as you can. Bathroom-product manufacturers are waking up to the reality that our aging population -- 14 percent of the U.S. population is expected to be 65 or older by 2015 -- could stand a little help in making their homes more elder-friendly.Especially needy of attention are our bathrooms, which need to be more accommodating for bodies that move with less agility and eyes that are less reliable. Such "universal design" products -- intended to improve mobility for all -- have been around for decades, but many consumers have turned up their noses at them because they gave off an institutional quality. Consumers said they wanted their homes to look like homes, not like hospitals. A stroll around the recent Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Chicago showed that some of the manu...