Weak response to code complaints a sign of the times

Situation has some owners questioning value of quarterly dues

DEAR BENNY: For 14 years I have lived in a planned unit development (PUD) with strong (or so I thought) CC&Rs and an association that supposedly enforces its legal documents. A year and a half ago I noticed my neighbor who lives on the street below mine had three aspen trees that had grown well above the roof line and were now impacting my view.

The CC&Rs require that prior to doing any landscaping (i.e., planting trees) an owner must share the plans with neighbors who may be impacted by the plans. This never happened. More important, any trees that rise above the roof line and impact a view are in violation of the CC&Rs. Consequently, my neighbor has two violations.

I brought this to the attention of our association board both verbally at a meeting and in writing. After several telephone messages and letters to the manager, we finally made contact. The manager claimed she sent a letter to the offending party. I told her nothing had been done, so she stated they’d send a second letter.