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Negotiate face to face, not by fax

Mastering real estate negotiations

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Are you prepared to negotiate the best possible deal for your clients? If so, you must be able to control the offer presentation process. In previous columns, I illustrated how asking powerful closing questions can help you overcome most buyer and seller objections. The goal is to avoid being placed in a defensive position by your client's questions or objections. Asking questions puts the ball back in your client's court rather than requiring you to defend your position. Negotiating offers is one of the most important jobs that most agents are supposed to do, yet many agents turn this important function over to their fax machine. It's certainly much easier to fax the offer to the listing agent and then let that agent present the offer to the seller. The challenge is that the listing agent has a fiduciary duty to help the seller obtain the highest possible price. In other words, the listing agent's job is to obtain as many concessions as possible from your buyers. If you ...