What drives our real estate obsession

Book Review: 'Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House'

For several years now, we’ve heard over and over the judgy finger-shaking comments, "Who are those people that were stupid enough to take those bad loans?" "An ARM? That’s CRAZY! People are so clueless." So many Americans acting like they’ve never even met someone dumb enough to do whatever it takes to get their dream home (knowing all the while that they just e-mailed me trying to figure out how to refinance their own soon-to-reset ARM!).

This obsession with home and the whole-life transformation it can either create or reflect is probably more a primal human characteristic than a fleeting, economic one. Injecting a fresh, easy-on-the-economic-analysis and super-smart/funny voice into the now-stale conversation about why we feel how we feel about homes and house hunting, comes Los Angeles Times real estate columnist and frequent NPR contributor Meghan Daum with her new book, "Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in That House."