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Monitor who is sharing your content on Facebook

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Monitoring who is talking about you via social media is one of the most important things you can do to monitor your brand. I know about Google Alerts -- which I monitor daily. I know about checking my "@" messages in Twitter to see who has referenced my name. What I didn't know (until now) was how to monitor when someone shares information from my brand on Facebook. Over the last two weeks I have started using Social Mention. According to the website: "Social Media Alerts -- Like Google Alerts but for social media. Receive free daily e-mail alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity." This is a fantastic tool. You put in your search words and every time that search comes up in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google -- you get an e-mail! For me, the most useful information is the Facebook info. It was not until I signed up for Social Mention that I could see who was postin...