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5 signs you are out of touch with technology

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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Do you feel out of the loop of technology? You may not be alone. Here are the top five signs you are out of touch with technology. 1. You have an AOL account and you use it for business. Same applies to Yahoo and Hotmail. Time to stop using these e-mail services (which can be perceived as unprofessional) and convert over to a business e-mail like You can even have your old e-mail forward to your new e-mail so you aren't missing anyone. Not sure how to do that? Ask the most techie person you know or your information technology guru at your brokerage, who will point you in the right direction. 2. You are still calling the Internet the "information superhighway" or the "World Wide Web." In addition, you are still saying things like "surf the Web" or "look something up on the 'Net.'" Nowadays, people "go online" or "Google it." 3. You have a desktop computer and not a laptop. The ne...