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What’s in a domain name?

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Episode 28: Is it worth buying and managing multiple domain names for your real estate business?Frank LLosa, broker at Frankly Realty, shares some strategies on which domain names may be a good investment, and which ones may be a waste of time, in this latest edition of The Wheel Estate Cam."There are many instances when people have too many domain names. They get a domain name just for the sake of having some pretty set of words that are together and they'll have an e-mail signature that has three or four domain names that all go to the same place," says LLosa, whose newborn son, Hartly Jose LLosa, makes his Wheel Estate Cam debut.In many instances, more may not be best, LLosa says. "It's kind of like giving people five phone numbers -- just give them one."Having a unique address-based URL for a property listing, or investing in a domain name for a local geographic area, can be good for marketing, he said. It may even make sense to negotiate with a cyber squatter t...