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2 Russian spy suspects have real estate ties

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Two of the 11 people arrested for allegedly participating in a Russian spy ring have ties to the real estate industry -- one had worked for real estate brokerage company Redfin and another claimed to be CEO for an online real estate search company. The two women, Anna Chapman and another known as Tracey Lee Ann Foley, were arrested on Sunday, along with eight other suspects; an 11th suspect was arrested Tuesday morning in Cyprus and released on bail, according to news reports. The suspects had been under investigation by the FBI for several years and allegedly are employed by the foreign intelligence arm of the Russian government, the SVR, as U.S.-based agents on long-term, "deep cover" assignments, according to a criminal complaint filed against nine of the suspects. These "illegal" agents had one alleged primary goal, the complaint said: "to become sufficiently 'Americanized' such that they can gather information about the United States for Russia, and can ...