Learn financial fluency in 'kidspeak'

Book Review: 'PiggyBanking: Preparing Your Financial Life for Kids'

I had my kids early — many moons ago. What with that and the fact that so many of my professional women compatriots are having kids later than women of earlier generations, many of my close friends are either gearing up to have their first or second baby, or are raising very young "kidlets" as we speak.

Many of my pals fall into the horrid-sounding, but not nearly so bad in real life, "Alpha Mom" psychographic segment: super-smart women who treat the matter of planning for and raising their children with the same level of skill, strategy, intention and intelligence as they have honed in the workplace — but to the 10th power, because these are their kids, after all, not a work project — whom they love almost ferociously.

As both a close friend and a real estate adviser to a number of the Alpha Moms in my life, I’ve seen firsthand the vast variations in the level of planning and preparation that different families put into pre-baby, preschool and pre-college financial planning.