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Steer clear of real estate sinkholes

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Imagine for a moment that you're out on tour with other agents from your office and they're complaining about not making any money. How many of these laments have you heard recently? 1. "I'm spending all this time on Facebook and I'm not getting any business!" 2. "I mail out 1,000 postcards every single month. I can't understand why I'm not getting any leads." 3. "There's no point in holding an open house. I held an open house a couple of months ago and nobody came. It's a complete waste of time." Can you spot what each of these agents have in common? In each case, the agent is relying on a passive approach to lead generation. Passive techniques include any real estate activity where you wait for the business to come to you -- i.e., floor time, open house, farming by mail with no personal contact, or interacting on Facebook with no plan to develop your business.Agents who rely on passive approaches receive leads only when someone else initiates...