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WordPress 3.0 proves blogging isn’t dead

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The tax credits kept my business humming. It took almost two months to get through the messy closings when it was all over. Now that the contract deadline for the tax credit has passed, all over business is a bit slow. In fact, it feels like 2008 all over again -- except this time I don't have a clue where the homebuyers will come from. The pool has gotten smaller because of the foreclosures and the tighter lending standards. There are sellers, but not as many as there were a couple of years ago, and more of them are distressed sellers. If business is slow in your area, too, this might just be the perfect time to start a blog. It is a low-cost way to drum up some business -- and there is business. It isn't too late. In fact, there are many opportunities for local blogs -- especially those that focus on a neighborhood, housing style or particular demographic. This isn't a new idea, but so few are actually doing it. Sites like Facebook have not killed the blog. A good blog ...