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Why agents ditch websites for blogs

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What do real estate's smartest and most tech-savvy agents have in common with the least tech-savvy agents? Many of them no longer have a website! I recently attended a webinar where the expert leading the session declared, "If you're still using a website where you have to wait on your Web designer to upload content, you're stuck in the 1990s." There seems to be a strong trend among many cutting-edge real estate agents to dump their static websites and to replace them with a blog. There are numerous reasons for making this move. First, website maintenance is expensive. In addition to hosting fees, most agents and companies have to pay a programmer to make changes in their site. This typically runs at least $50 per hour. Second, unless you are a programmer, it's not practical to update your website daily. This means that the content on your site is static. Obtaining high ranking on the search engines using a static website can be much more difficult than working ...