'Old School' is new again

Real estate pros share views on tech, economy

SAN FRANCISCO — It might be unseemly to say this at a real estate technology conference, but non-techie communication — or at least some old-school ways of doing business — is something that’s on the minds of a number of attendees at the annual Real Estate Connect conference, which began Tuesday.

For some, there’s a need to break through the nonstop online barrage, both in reaching out to the community and in managing their professional lives, they said. Think "breathing space," they said.

"Agents tell me they’re overloaded," said Paul Evans, president and CEO of reOneSpot.com, a developer of real estate tools in Duluth, Ga. "They want to use it, but they don’t know what to do first. They’re frustrated — they’re pulled to go here to do this, go there to buy that. "