Time to unload timeshare?

Donation is one option, but tread carefully

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DEAR BENNY: I know you often write about "timeshare" problems, so perhaps you will write about mine. We were on vacation several years ago in Florida, and met a pleasant young woman who offered us a number of "goodies," including a three-night stay in a five-star hotel. The catch: We had to spend about two hours listening to her sales talk about the wonderful benefits of timeshare ownership. Yes, we were sucked in and signed up. We now owe approximately $45,000 to the developer, plus have to pay more than $1,000 a year for association dues. My husband is now in ill health and there is no way we can use our "one week in paradise." We tried to sell it by going online to a company that promised us -- indeed guaranteed us -- that it would sell for $20,000. But there was another catch: We had to pay a nonrefundable fee of $2,500 up front to this company. You guessed it: We paid the money and never heard another word from them. Any suggestions on how...