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Succeed by failure

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Episode 31: Failure is an option, says Frank LLosa, broker for Frankly Real Estate in Virginia. And he encourages failure. In those episode of The Wheel Estate Cam, LLosa says he was inspired by a presentation by Seth Godin, author of several marketing books. His favorite takeaway from Godin's talk: "If you haven't failed, you haven't tried hard enough." LLosa relates a conversation with a friend who said he has never fallen while rock-climbing. "I said, 'You never fall? That means you haven't tried hard enough.' " Failure is a sign of innovation, LLosa says. "Innovation is trying something that is completely out there and completely going for it. "Managers, how about rewarding someone who's failed?"Watch past episodes of the Wheel Estate Cam.Frank Borges LLosa is the broker, founder and owner of, a real estate brokerage in Falls Church, Va. He is the creator of the Trust Me I'm a Realtor blog and multiple listing servic...