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A creative response to a tweet

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Have you ever tweeted something about a brand, a restaurant, a company and wondered, "Is anyone reading this?" I know I have! I am always secretly waiting to be impressed by someone from "corporate" who sees my tweet about the bad service I had or my recent food craving. If this happened to me, I would be very impressed! In fact, just recently, I praised my local mall, Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, Calif., for having parking for expectant mothers. Shortly after, I received a nice tweet back. I was impressed. Below is a great example of someone monitoring and managing their brand via social media. Just about everyone is familiar with Wheat Thins crackes, so to do something outside the box and fun they responded to this tweet: The company's response? It delivered a pallet of Wheat Thins to her house! This one video below has generated over 200,000 hits to its website! What was Wheat Thins' response? See below: "Wheat Thins' problem is, if any...