7 sales strategies for any market

Avoid mistakes that can cost your sellers

Are your negotiation skills as good as they should be? If not, you’re not only cheating yourself of income, you could be costing your clients thousands of dollars as well.

Recently, Barb Van Stensel of Keller Williams in Chicago responded to an article I wrote on how to obtain price reductions on overpriced listings. She said that with her sellers, an agent needs a much stronger approach than I outlined in the article. Van Stensel shared seven key strategies she uses to deal with tough conditions in her market area.

1. I’m not here to take inventory — I’m here to move it
Do you want a listing or do you want sellers who have sold their home and have moved? The first step in Van Stensel’s strategy is to stay in constant communication with her sellers about what new properties have come on the market, what has been placed under contract, and what has closed.