Can condo rules silence dog, wooden floor?

Downstairs neighbor seeks relief

DEAR BENNY: My 79-year-old mother has lived in her place for more than 13 years. She has never had any problems until the neighbor above installed wood floors. The condo had no rules in place for approval of this, but after we complained it adopted certain rules, with no grandfather clause. Can we have the neighbor now remove the floors?

My mother’s unit has become an echo chamber. It was bought virtually soundproof and now it is not. We believe the condo was not built to have wood floors, ever. Who knows what lies under the flooring? Obviously not anything for noise control.

The other issue is the upstairs neighbor’s oversize dog is caged all day until the evening and on the weekends. We have filed police reports about the noise. The dog whines and thrashes in his cage at all hours, especially on the weekends at 1 a.m. and later. When the neighbor comes home, he lets the dog out. By this time, my mom has had no sleep and is up the rest of the day.