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A role for agents in mortgage matters

The Wheel Estate Cam: Episode 35

Episode 35: A Freddie Mac survey out this week found that 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loans averaged 4.42 percent, with an average of 0.7 point (see "Mortgage rates go lower"). It was the ninth consecutive week of record-low rates reported in Freddie's Primary Mortgage Market Survey. In this episode of the Wheel Estate Cam, real estate broker Frankl LLosa discusses the possibility that rates could edge down even lower. And he encourages real estate agents to study up on the mortgage market to be better prepared to assist clients when questions arise. "I never tell people what to do" when it comes to mortgage decisions, LLosa says, though he does offer up information and data to assist them in making their decisions, and he asks questions to learn about his clients' preferences and priorities. "I don't believe in timing the market when buying a house. I don't believe in timing interest rates," he said. "I wouldn't buy a house just beca...