Short-sale team singles out lenders

Real estate franchisor requests removal of online videos

A team of Arizona-based agents specializing in short sales has ruffled feathers in the lending industry by posting videos that they hoped would expose ways in which decisions by lenders can derail short-sale transactions.

The agents — Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver, who do business as Group 46:10 — say they agreed to pull several videos in which they discussed their dealings with JPMorgan Chase when their franchise, Keller Williams Realty, was threatened with a lawsuit.

Kauffman said it’s his understanding, based on communications with Keller Williams management, that Chase was also threatening to pull its real estate-owned (REO) listings from Keller Williams if the videos in question were not removed. A Chase spokesman declined to comment on the allegation that Chase threatened to pull its REO business from Keller Williams.