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5 ways to rock your real estate rep

Boost SEO, go mobile

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This year's Real Estate Connect had a wealth of great website resources. If you want to be more effective, here are more hot tech tips to add to your technology toolbox. 1. Improve your search engine ranking If you want to improve your search engine ranking, check out Google's "Wonder Wheel." This tool allows you to check a specific search term such as "Austin real estate" and then see what users typed in on their searches that sent them to "Austin real estate." To use this tool, begin by typing in the search term upon which you want to improve your ranking. Once you do your search, look at the toolbar on the left of your screen and click on the link that says, "Show Search Tools." When you click on that link, the toolbar expands. Click on "Wonder wheel" under the category of "standard view." This provides you with the terms that are responsible for most searches for "Austin real estate." In this ca...