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A real estate ‘killer app’ wish list

Survey respondents want better mobile MLS, CRM tools

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Editor's note: This is the final article in a series detailing the results of an Inman News survey on real estate professionals' use of smart phones and mobile applications. Part 1 focused on the popularity of smart phones and their features among different industry groups. Part 2 focused on the mobile apps respondents use the most, as well as how they use them and which they would recommend; and this article, Part 3, examines the feasibility of respondents' ideas for a "killer app" they would like to use in their business. If real estate professionals could design their own version of a "killer app" to help them do business, that app would grant them at least one wish: full access to the local multiple listing service, said several respondents to an Inman News smart phone and mobile technology survey. In recent years, mobile technologies have exploded in an array of smart phones and thousands of apps. An Inman News smart phone and mobile technology sur...