Inherit real estate without hiccups

2 options to take when holdout refuses to sign quitclaim deed

DEAR BENNY: My wife has a problem you may be able to resolve. About 30 years ago her father died without a will. All the other six children had heard him repeatedly say he wanted the property to go to our daughter, who was a minor at the time. Five of them signed quitclaim deeds assigning the property to my wife, but one sibling who lives back east refused to sign.

My wife now has a deed with six-sevenths ownership. However, the county where the property is located condemned the asset because the roof came off, making it too dangerous to occupy.

After 10 years of having the property neglected, my wife and I began to restore the property, a small 2-bedroom home. We paid all the taxes for the last 30 years, and have put thousands of dollars into keeping up the property.