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What best Realtors do when no one is looking

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Writer and university professor Peter Drucker once said, "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." Are you settling for doing things right or are you also doing the right things? One of my all time favorite quotes is the one that defines integrity as being "what you do when no one is looking." There have always been people in our industry who bend the rules or who break the law. Each of us has numerous opportunities throughout the course of the day to "do the right thing and to do it right." What's sad is how many people are choosing to lie, plagiarize or misrepresent the truth in order to achieve their personal goals. Here are just a few examples. "I've been observing that some of our younger agents will promise their clients anything to get the business and then they don't deliver. When you confront them about it and explain this is poor business, they shrug if off as if it's no big deal." "I've...