Invasion of the money snatchers

Book Review: 'Fight Back Against Unfair Debt Collection Practices'

You’d have to have lived under a very large rock for the last few years to not have heard of the not-so-slow death of investigative journalism. Newspapers are fast being replaced by websites, and those that remain have been largely reformatted to appeal to the miniscule 21st century American attention span.

One revision? The virtual elimination of both (a) the class of reporters who are paid to take weeks, months or even years to investigate a story (think: Watergate) and (b) the long-form stories born of such extended inquiries.

Enterprising journalists of this near-extinct ilk are, perhaps fortunately for us, being forced to turn elsewhere to flex their investigative writing muscle. One example: former newspaper reporter Fred Williams, who went deep cover as a collection agency employee to get the dirt and then spill it in his new book, "Fight Back Against Unfair Debt Collection Practices."