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6 ways to sex up your blog posts

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By CANDY EVANS Editor's note: Candy Evans is a real estate reporter, blogger and consultant. She writes for AOL’s Housing Watch and Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography. She is the founder and creator of, a blog that focuses on vacation homes. Whoa there, bet you read that headline twice. My point exactly. As a journalist and real estate editor, I created a blog for our local city magazine's website with zero marketing dollars. No ads, no billboards, just an occasional link from one of the other blogs, if I was lucky. Thus, I had to learn how to write salaciously, weave in the real estate information with zippy headlines and topics ... even some scandal, if possible. In other words, I had to sell a blog like a newspaper or magazine: great content, catchy heads. And yet, we have to pay homage to the search-engine gods and load search-engine optimization into as many graphs as possible, which can sometimes make for boring writing. That's wher...