Real estate reaches for the cloud

Agents say goodbye to troubles with file sizes, signatures

To stay competitive today, you must constantly adapt to new technologies. Fax machines, car phones, voicemail and computer-based multiple listing services were all major game-changers. There’s another major game-changer afoot that will forever alter how we do business.

Gone are the days of MLS books, carbon paper and handwritten messages taken by a receptionist. Technology has enabled us to chat by video anywhere in the world for free, to respond instantaneously using text messaging, and to be completely mobile. Compare this to the cost of an 89-cent per minute cell phone call just 10 years ago. Technological innovation has provided us with better solutions at a significantly cheaper cost.

Cloud computing: the real game-changer in 2011?
Although certainly not a new concept, cloud computing will be one of the most important influences on the real estate industry in 2011.