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5 super easy ways to use video in your business

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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More and more of the people who follow you online have a short attention span. We are constantly being distracted by e-mail, phone, Facebook, Twitter, text messages and more. How do you capture people's attention? Video! Video evokes emotion, it tells a story, it makes you stand out, and it gets your point across faster! If you are like most real estate agents, video is likely the last type of content that you are actively using online to promote your business. After all, it seems much harder to produce than it really is and most people get stuck with what to say or what to do. However, video can be the easiest type of content to create if you follow a few basic rules. Five easy video rules: 1. Get an easy-to-upload camera. I love the new Kodak Z18 camera that lets you automatically upload your videos to Facebook or YouTube. Or, my favorite: Use your iPhone! 2. Shoot exactly what you want so you don't need to edit anything. 3. Get close eno...