New bedbug protections for renters

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Q: I'm moving to New York City and I'm really worried about moving into an apartment that has bedbugs -- there have been so many articles about New York City being the "bedbug capital" of the country. Is there any way that I can protect myself? --Walter N. A: You're moving at just the right time: As of August 2010, apartment landlords in New York City must disclose to potential renters whether the unit they're considering renting, and the building as a whole, has had a bedbug infestation within the previous year (Admin. Code of New York City, Section 27-2018.1).Landlords who fail to make the disclosure can be ordered to do so, upon a tenant's written complaint to the city's division of housing and community renewal. The law is laudable in that it requires landlords to make the disclosure even when applicants don't ask first (although there don't seem to be negative consequences for landlords who fail to do so). It would be nice if the law also required landlords to...