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He wrote the book on luxury real estate

People in Real Estate: Jack Cotton

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Want to cut a swath in luxury real estate? Write, Jack Cotton says, and then write some more. Can't write? Hire someone to write for you. Cotton practices what he preaches, having published his second and third books this year, with two more in the works. "Writers are perceived as experts," he said. That's something that's particularly important in his specialty, luxury properties, where Cotton has learned through 30 years in the business that people of wealth want to deal only with experts, no matter what the field. Writing is just one of the paths to success he outlines in "Selling Luxury Homes: Become the Preferred Real Estate Agent and Trusted Advisor to Today's High-End Clients." The book lays out his methods of finding and cultivating high-net-worth individuals ("HNWIs," in his book's shorthand), from those who have just arrived in moneyed society to the ultra-rich who summer in sprawling, shingled mansions at his native Cape Cod, Mas...