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Solving the content problem

Write it yourself, or outsource it?

Editor's note: This is the first part in a three-part series. One of the common problems I hear about from real estate professionals is that they don't have enough time to create content for their websites. There are already enough things occupying their time, and adding new pages of relevant content to a website can be a chore, or forgotten, or both. There are a couple of reasons that getting content on your website is a good thing to do. It can demonstrate to search engines that you indeed are the local expert -- you've got the most information available on your site. Making fresh content for your website is also a way to demonstrate to site visitors that you are actively engaged with your real estate market and continuing to solve problems and help people in your area. How the content on your site works for you is going to depend on your business goals. If you want more new site visitors, then you're probably going to want to increase visitors from search engines. Don'...