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8 tips to move from education to action

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What lessons have you learned during 2010? More importantly, what will you be doing differently in 2011 based upon those lessons? To have a banner year in 2011, it's not only lessons learned -- it's what you put into practice that will make or break your business. Education: the foundation for top production At virtually every real estate conference or seminar, the top-producing agents are typically seated in the first or second row of the audience. Managers often repeat the same refrain about this situation: "All my top producers are here. The agents who really need this training didn't bother to show up." Top-producing agents constantly seek new strategies, systems, and technologies that can give them a competitive edge. The best way to spot new opportunities is to attend seminars, webinars, read books, and to network with other top performers. Their attitude is, "If I learn just one new thing that I can add to my business, it's worth my time and effor...