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Why do you work in real estate?

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As a special service to those of you who will be meeting a lot of new people over the Christmas holidays, here is a special script for the "What do you do?" question. Used properly, you can take complete control of the conversation by asking the question first. YOU: "May I ask what you do for a living? OTHER PERSON: "I am in real estate (or banking, or whatever ...)." YOU: "That's interesting. May I ask why you do what you do for a living?" If the person says something like, "I have an opportunity to make some serious money," go for the social kill. This is where you position yourself as one of the sharpest, smartest people they have ever met. YOU (smiling): "Come on now, you could make a lot of money doing a lot of things. Why did you pick real estate (or mortgage lending or whatever)?" Isn't this good? It makes an especially effective icebreaker around the table, because it is question that doesn't get asked much ...