Breaking into real estate video

People in Real Estate: Hillary Caston

Hillary Caston’s acting isn’t the stuff of Oscar nominations. Not to be unkind, but it would be sort of a stretch even to call it acting.

As real estate marketing goes, though, it’s certainly unique.

Caston, a Prudential California agent in Laguna Beach, makes videos to showcase homes for sale. But these videos aren’t the predictable slide shows set to music or the agent walking through the house with a camera, announcing — as if you couldn’t tell — "Here’s the kitchen."

Instead, we may encounter her online in used-car pitchman mode, talking at warp speed and begging us to "Come on down!" to her "Used-house Extravaganza!" She dashes around the home and touts its granite countertops and stainless refrigerator as if they were antilock brakes and side airbags.